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Technical data:
Type of harvester self-propelled full-row harvester
Number of rows harvested
Harvesting accuracy approximately 98%
7,5 t
0.3 – 0.6 hectare/hour
Drives of the working units hydraulic
Drives for driving units hydraulic
Road driving speed 0 –25 km/h
Work driving speed   0 -2 km/h
Engine Perkins 74,5 kW (101 HP)

The VICTOR PREMIUM harvester is available also with four wheele drive transmission.


Firma WEREMCZUK is the biggest manufacturer of currant harvesters in the world. The company manufactures half-row currant harvesters as well as full-row self-propelled currant harvesters for large-area plantations. We have more than 30 years of experience in currant harvesting as well as our own design-research office and experienced employees. Our currant harvesters work successfully on the currant plantations in Poland, in all countries of the European Union where currant is grown as well as in Canada and USA.

"VICTOR PREMIUM" is the newest model of specialized self-propelled harvester for professional harvesting of currants, gooseberry and aronia. The harvester is perfectly suitable for plantations of area from 30-40 hectares to several hundred hectares.

Machine is equipped with ecological, original PERKINS engine witch meets EURO Stage III B environmental standards. This drive unit is turbocharded, have intercooler and Common Rail injection system.

PREMIUM model in standard is equipped with panoramic, air-conditioned and soundproofing cabine. Most of control elements are located on the armrest, right at the driver's seat, this solution provides ergonomic and functional work even for all day. Easy to manipulate joystick is using to change speed and drive direction. Transporters and fans speed is controlled by convenient potentiometers.

The Combine is equipped with LCD displays witch present basic operating parameters like engine RPM, drive speed and the speed of conveyors. The machine has got also one large display that show picture from cameras mounted at the back of combine and over the shaking unit. The VICTOR PREMIUM cabine has got large glazed area and panoramic front glass witch provide excellent visibility for operator. Excellent LED lighting enables comfortable work at night, so that the machine becomes even more efficient.


Purpose and basic fruits collection systems are the same as in the previous model VICTOR



"VICTOR"harvester fulfils all standards and requirements of the European Union with regard to machine safety. As a standard, each seeder is delivered with the instruction manual prepared in one of the following languages: Polish, English, Russian or German. Other language versions of the instruction manual are available on special request of the customer.

We provide spare parts for the machine during the whole period of its operation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any additional information. All necessary contact data are specified here .

The machines can be ordered from our dealers. Click on Dealersin order to display information about the dealers. If there is no dealer of Firma WEREMCZUK in your country, you can place an order at our company by phone, fax, e-mail or in person.

English speaking contact persons:
Paulina Dacka – Export Coordinator, phone: +48 81 517 15 77, cell: +48 728 921 980

You can also send all orders or inquiries by fax: +48 81 517 15 60 or e-mail:

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