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Technical data:
Output 0.15 – 0.25 hectare/hour
Accuracy of harvesting more than 98%
Tractor power demand
22 kW (30 HP)
Harvesting of fruits into standard boxes or 500 kg box-pallets
Platform capacity
650 kg (optionally 1150 kg)
Weight 1300 kg
 Transport dimensions length: 5.55 m; width: 2.37 m; height: 2.20 m
Fruit harvesting system one unit for shaking   
  • Stepless adjustment of the following: rotations of the head of the unit for shaking off fruits, fan rotations and travelling speed of the conveyors’ belts.
  • Own hydraulic system
  • Independent adjustment of the travel speed conveyors


Firma WEREMCZUK is the biggest manufacturer of currant harvesters in the world. The company manufactures half-row currant harvesters as well as full-row self-propelled currant harvesters for large-area plantations. We have more than 25 years of experience in currant harvesting as well as our own design-research office and experienced employees. Our currant harvesters work successfully on the currant plantations in Poland, in all countries of the European Union where currant is grown as well as in Canada and USA.

"JOANNA-4" is a modern, efficient and reliable machine and it is a next model in the series of „JOANNA” current harvesters. This currant harvester has been built based on more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing of harvesters for berry fruits and in reply to preferences of the Customers who are looking for simple and reliable machines offered at a competitive price.

This machine is designed for harvesting black-currant, red currant, aronia, gooseberry, Saskatoon berries, dog rose, Haskap and other berry fruits.


As all models of halfrow berry harvesters „JOANNA-4” currant harvester is equipped with the fruit harvesting system that is based on one unit for shaking off fruits – this system is the best and guarantees 100% effectiveness of harvesting with absolutely minimum loss of fruits. The fruit harvesting system is equipped with a modern, maintenance-free, silent-running head for shaking off fruits.

„JOANNA-4” currant harvester has a spacious, uniform working platform that is equipped with the shields (installed on the currant row side of the platform) protecting against falling of leaves into the boxes with fruits harvested and with a dismountable guard-rail (installed at the rear of the platform) protecting the boxes with fruits against falling down from the platform. The working platform can accommodate a box-pallet and several rows of boxes. Highly located conveyor enables central unloading of fruits into box-pallets and forming a peak of unloaded fruits higher than the height of the box sides without the operator's intervention.

In order to facilitate unloading of box-pallets, the harvester can be additionally equipped with rollers for unloading box-pallets. Also, on special request of the customer, the working platform can be adapted to have load capacity of 1150 kg and to offer the possibility of simultaneous harvesting of fruits into two box-pallets.

rollers for unloading box-pallets revolving output pipe to collect berries into two 500 kg  (or other) containers set one next to the other
set of equipment for placing two 500 kg boxes one after the other, on the standard platform

„JOANNA-4” currant harvester has two fruit conveyors with adjustable travelling speed (the conveyors can transport a large amount of fruits to the containers) and an efficient fruit cleaning module.

Thanks to such a technical solutions employed, the currant harvester performs very well on the plantations whose fruit yield is as high as 20 ton of fruits per hectare. This currant harvester guarantees highly-efficient and intensive harvesting of fruits characterized by the best quality parameter, with minimum operating activities required. Oil cooler with a thermostat, installed as a standard, guarantees stable operation of the highly loaded harvester.

„JOANNA-4” harvester has also a wide range of adjustment functions. Travelling speed of the conveyors’ belts, rotations of the unit for shaking off fruits, fan rotations can be smoothly regulated. The operator can conveniently control the hydraulic system from the working platform by means of high-quality regulators.

As a standard, the harvester is equipped with a mechanical drawbar whose position can be conveniently and smoothly regulated. In order to facilitate manoeuvring during operation and turning back, „JOANNA-4” harvester can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic drawbar and a rear turning wheel.


hydraulic regulation of draw bar position hydraulic regulation of rear wheels turns attachment to pick up small bushes, lower than 1,20 m

special adjustable (moving up and down on hydraulic cylinder) platform wheel for effective work on crosswise  slopes exceeding 5% up to 12% lamps on working platform and above the shaking unit small roof under the work platform

special draw bar  used with tractors with three-point-suspension (TPS) – for excellent maneuver ability
sorting and output conveyor
shaking rod coated with rubber – recommended for work in  young plantations, protects young branches against damage

and other specialized accessories suitable for individual needs of the customers. While choosing from among the available options, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist from commercial department in order to receive assistance and any information necessary to make a proper decision concerning the accessories for the harvester.



  • currant version – suitable for harvesting black-currant, red currant,  gooseberry and Saskatoon berries,




  • aronia version – equipped with a specially reinforced head that is suitable for harvesting aronia and dog rose.




  • specialized for low bushes - equipped with special shaking head, suitable covers and shoot depper

Summing up, „JOANNA-4” is a modern and reliable harvester that is designed for efficient and failure-free operation. Thanks to the technological and design solutions employed, the machine is robust and professional. High-quality materials used for manufacturing and the machines’ accessories guarantee failure-free and long-term operation of the harvester.

The technical solutions employed in „JOANNA-4” harvester include:

  • resistant shelves of the conveyors; made of thick stainless steel,
  • sealed self-aligning bearings of the transverse conveyor,
  • strong and resistant ¾” chains of the conveyors; with self-lubricating guides made of super-resistant constructional material,
  • 24 fingers of the unit for shaking off fruits per one roller; better shaking off fruits is guaranteed in this way,
  • multi-rod, self-aligning guidance of the conveyor under the unit for shaking off fruits – such a solution guarantees that the conveyor is positioned in parallel with regard to the currant row,
  • wear - resistant couplings of the conveyors; made of steel; with flexible inserts made of constructional material,
  • complete set of accessories for the hydraulic system that guarantees failure-free operation: an internal filter in the oil tank before the hydraulic pump and, additionally, an external filter,
  • nuts resistant to undoing under influence of vibrations occurring during operation of the harvester; with self-locking plastic.

Here is the article about mechanical harvesting of haskap, saskatoons, and dwarf sour cherries
using The Joanna Harvester in 2009



"JOANNA-4" harvester fulfils all standards and requirements of the European Union with regard to machine safety. As a standard, each seeder is delivered with the instruction manual prepared in one of the following languages: Polish, English, Russian or German. Other language versions of the instruction manual are available on special request of the customer.

We provide spare parts for the machine during the whole period of its operation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any additional information. All necessary contact data are specified here .

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