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Technical data:
Type of harvester
half-row pull-behind
Work driving speed from 0.5 km/hour
Output 0.1 – 0.15 hectare/hour
Collection of fruits
into small boxes 5-10 kg
Platform capacity
500 kg
Operators two workers
Tractor power demand        
26 kW (35 HP), demanded very slow gear, from 0,5 km/h, TUZ 1330 kg
Loss of fruits on the plantations in good condition 2-5% of ripe fruits, 5-7% of green fruits; amount of fruit loss depends on suitability of raspberry variety for combine harvesting, weather conditions and proper operation of the machine


  • Selecting conveyor
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working parameters
  • Smooth hydraulic adjustment of shaking power and cleaning power
  • Smooth hydraulic adjustment of conveyors's speed, function of conveyor sudden stop



This harvester is the only model of half-row harvester in the world that is designed for harvesting primocane raspberry cultivated without supports.


In order to guarantee efficient operation of the harvester and fulfilment of the user’s expectations, the raspberry plantation must be properly prepared and cultivated in such a manner as to maintain the following basic parameters:


"NATALKA" harvester is equipped with the fruit harvesting system that is based on one shaker. This harvesting system has been checked in practice by us and our customers. The system guarantees effective harvesting of raspberries and good quality of fruits. Mechanical harvesting with the use of this system has no harmful influence on the fruit yield in next years.

The harvester drives to a row of raspberry. The raspberry row is divided into halves. Raspberry shoots are introduced into the fruit shaking off zone by means of a driven lifter (when an active driven lifte is used the raspberry shoots are introduced by means of two tapes with shelves) and a row divider.

Raspberry fruits drop onto the conveyors and are carried through the cleaning unit and then to the boxes positioned in a proper manner. The fruits can be selected at the end of the conveyor.

Operator of the harvester collects the boxes filled with fruits and puts them on the working platform. In order to harvest all fruits, the harvester must be driven into the raspberry row again from the other side.
The fruits collected by "NATALKA"harvester are designated mainly for processing and freezing. The fruits are qualified for freezing (fruits of higher quality) or for processing into pulp (fruits of lower quality) on the basis of external factors such as: type of raspberry, stage of ripeness, condition of plantation. Watered plantations are the best suitable for combine harvesting.

"NATALKA"harvester is fitted for repeated harvesting during fruit-bearing period and is suitable for 3-4 hectares plantations.


active driven lifter for laying branches
hydraulic regualtion of draw bar position
oil cooler

Details concerning the accessories for the harvester are discussed individually with our customers in order to adapt the machine to the customers’ requirements and possibilities.

Technical solutions employed in NATALKA harvester are subject to patent laws.

"NATALKA"  harvesre fulfils all standards and requirements of the European Union with regard to machine safety. As a standard, each seeder is delivered with the instruction manual prepared in one of the following languages: Polish, English, Russian or German. Other language versions of the instruction manual are available on special request of the customer.

We provide spare parts for the machine during the whole period of its operation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any additional information. All necessary contact data are specified here .

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