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Technical data:
Type of harvester full-row pull-behind
Output 0,2- 0,4 hectare/hour
Harvesting accuracy approximately 95%
Collection of fruits into big boxes 500 kg - option to small boxes
Platform capacity
750 kg each
Weight 4540 kg
Number of shakers 2
tractor driver + 2 to 4 workers per a working platform
Tractor power demand
 80 HP; demanded very slow gear, from 0,5 km/h
Working overall dimensions
length: 7m, width: 3m, height: 3.3m
  • Turning wheels with automatic adjustment of position in a row
  • Hydraulic side levelling to work on slopes
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working parameters


"FELIX Z" full-row pull-behind sour cherry harvester is designed for harvesting fruits in the orchards cultivated according to the special espalier technology.
"FELIX Z" is designed to harvest cherry for processing industry.


In order to guarantee proper performance of the harvester, sour cherry trees should be planted and cultivated according to the espalier technology. According to recommendations of the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice (POLAND), the following requirements should be fulfilled:

Large-size trees that are not formed for the purpose of mechanical fruit harvesting are not suitable for harvesting by means of "FELIX Z" sour cherry harvester.


Sour cherry fruits are harvested continuously from the whole row. The harvester drives to a row of cherry trees and consequently, the trees enter the fruit shake off chamber. Sour cherry fruits that are shaken off by special vertical shaking off devices drop onto the conveyors and are cleaned and carried to 500kg-containers. The containers with fruits are positioned on the working platforms located on both sides of the harvester and unloaded by means of hydraulic lifts. Details concerning the accessories for the harvester are discussed individually with our customers in order to adapt the machine to the customers’ requirements and possibilities.

Demanded very slow gear, from 0,5 km/h; TUZ 1330 kg.

 Fruits harvested by "FELIX Z" harvester may be industrially processed into fruits and various kinds of fruit products. The fruits that have been subjected to a careful selection at slower harvesting speeds are suitable for freezing.


standard version - with platforms and rollers version with hydraulic lifts

"FELIX Z"  harvester fulfils all standards and requirements of the European Union with regard to machine safety. As a standard, each seeder is delivered with the instruction manual prepared in one of the following languages: Polish, English, Russian or German. Other language versions of the instruction manual are available on special request of the customer.

We provide spare parts for the machine during the whole period of its operation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any additional information. All necessary contact data are specified here .

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English speaking contact persons:

Paulina Dacka – Export Coordinator, phone: +48 81 517 15 77, cell: +48 728 921 980

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